Opinion Survey: Banking & The Legal Cannabis Industry

The legal cannabis industry is projected to top $7 billion in national sales this year — that was before voters in eight additional states voted their support for legalized recreational or medical marijuana on November 8, 2016. Amid growing support for legalization at the ballot box, big questions about public perception remain for financial institutions wanting in on the cannabis game.

  • What does the public think about the legal marijuana industry?
  • Is there cause for concern about openly working with marijuana-related businesses?
  • Would serving the banking needs of legal pot businesses hurt customer opinions?
  • Could it help a financial institution’s reputation?


The Survey

Banking industry experts LT Public Relations and leading opinion researcher DHM Research surveyed nearly 800 Oregon residents regarding their opinions of financial institutions, the marijuana industry, and asked what it would mean if their bank or credit union started working with legal marijuana businesses.




Download our complete analysis to see the study’s major findings as well as detailed survey results.

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