Our public relations services are an array of traditional and progressive communication tools to favorably shape public perception, tell stories for our clients and, most importantly, support our client’s business goals.

Media Relations

Successful media relations takes time, cultivation, and a professional knack for knowing what news is worth sharing and how to make it compelling. Most of all, it requires a plan for using media as one means to achieve your company’s larger strategic vision.

LTPR develops and executes comprehensive media relations plans around major strategic announcements, long-term reputation management and important events.

We work from the ground up, helping define the public narrative your company wants told, as well as identify and craft the newsworthy stories that make that narrative come alive and advance business objectives.

Tap into our ongoing relationship with the media to tell your story to the widest audience possible.

Communications Training

Good communicators are trained communicators, which is why LTPR provides training for executives and staff tailored to a company’s specific needs.

The three pillars of our signature approach to training are preparation, practice, and feedback. Whether prepping executives for difficult media interviews or unifying key staff around important messaging, our training is a collaborative exercise that uses preparation techniques, on-camera questions and answers, along with group feedback to fine-tune talking points and improve participants’ ability to communicate in a clear and compelling manner. Important insights from our training are summarized for client benefit and use.

In this ever-changing consumer market, executives need to be prepared for any circumstance. Our training will get you there.

Crisis Communications

Crises come in many forms and degrees of seriousness and often take law firms by surprise—security breaches, executive resignations, disgruntled former employees, customer complaints on social media, bad press, etc.  We work with clients across many industries to develop comprehensive crisis communication plans, train executives and key staff to communicate effectively during a crisis, and provide ongoing crisis management support as needed.

Social Media

When it comes to social media, companies typically fall somewhere between two categories: those who want to use it but have trouble getting started, and those who want to use it better. LTPR helps businesses at every stage of the social media life cycle. We develop comprehensive digital media plans and successfully launch platforms for organizations of varying sizes, as well as refine the online strategies of active companies. LTPR services include social media audits to evaluate the effectiveness of current efforts, strategic plans, content development, guidelines for employee behavior, and internal protocol for authentically engaging your public. Since rules governing corporate social media behavior continually change, one of our greatest values is keeping our clients informed of best and acceptable practices to ensure success. Let us help lead the charge in your next social media campaign.

Professional Writing

The most important part of good, professional writing is knowing who your audience is and how best to communicate accordingly.

LTPR’s team of professional writers is skilled at quickly understanding an issue or need and producing a diverse range of high-quality communications. We work directly with busy C-suite executives, marketing and HR departments, and legal teams on important projects, often under tight deadlines.

Writing projects include external communications such as CEO speeches and business journal opinion pieces, as well as internal content such as employee newsletters and time-sensitive emails to staff or the board of directors. Our expertise also extends to customer communications through emails, marketing brochures, website copy and news announcements.

We can put your thoughts to paper to shape and tell your story.

Annual Reports

What do annual reports have to do with PR? Everything. Annual reports are often text-heavy, number-saturated, static documents that are difficult to digest. But an annual report that is a well-crafted, compelling narrative and succinctly summarizes a company’s vision, values, and commitments tells a story—one that employees, customers and investors want to read.

LTPR helps companies tell the story behind the revenue and budget numbers of a given year.

We work with key leaders and staff to create a narrative concept for each report. Important, even complex information becomes memorable content that reinforces a company’s value as a business, employer and community partner.

Allow us to transform your financial charts and numbers into a compelling story.


Staff Communications

Employees are your company’s most important brand ambassadors, which makes staff communications a priority and important to your bottom line. What, how and when executive leadership communicates to staff impacts employee morale and job performance.

LTPR works with companies on a range of internal initiatives to improve top-to-bottom information sharing across an organization. Our work includes developing and writing employee newsletters, strategic announcements, issue messaging and talking points for frontline staff, FAQs, among many other services. We also prioritize related strategies in corporate PR plans to ensure companies don’t unintentionally ignore one of their most important audiences—employees.

Your staff should be the champions of telling your business story. We’ll help you connect and communicate internally.

Communications Audit

What are customers really saying about your company?

Do your employees truly understand your mission?

How effectively are you telling your business story?

What’s your reputation online and with the media?

Communication is the life line of an organization—it shapes public reputation, impacts employee morale and, most importantly, affects the bottom line.

LTPR’s 360° Audit is a holistic assessment of a company’s internal and external communications practices, as well as an evaluation of its past and present public reputation. The Audit also offers specific recommendations to address any outstanding issues. In the end, the company receives a clear analysis of its communications and reputation, along with implementable tactics to pursue.

Cyber Security Communications

Cyber security risk has been on the rise and continues to be a focal point for businesses, large and small. While companies invest major resources to plan against and combat this digital threat, they often overlook the importance of planning to communicate should an incident occur.

No matter how sophisticated your technology may be, it’s not if a cyber-attack will occur, but when. How your company communicates during an incident will impact public perception and either strengthen or weaken trust.

We work with clients to develop a communication strategy, protocol and tools, and training to ensure leaders and staff can successfully communicate during a cyber security incident and safeguard the company’s reputation.

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