Giving Attorneys and Clients an Advantage

LT Public Relations provides the communications strategy and support attorneys and their clients need to succeed.

Our experienced litigation support team is skilled at:

  • Helping attorneys prevail in court and the court of public opinion
  • Protecting, restoring or even enhancing the client’s reputation post-litigation
  • Providing a different professional insight and perspective to guard against “blind spots” on case-related issues
  • Provides law firms CLE-credited “Lunch & Learns” on effective public communication before, during and after a lawsuit.

LTPR’s support also includes maintaining effective internal communications in times of litigation and helping lawyers bridge any reputation gap between clients’ ideals and public perception.  Our custom-made approach to each case is a “win-win” for legal professionals and their clients, and an effective tool to achieve the desired outcome.

Legal Services

Media Relations

Successful media relations takes time, cultivation, and a professional knack for knowing what news is worth sharing and how to make it compelling. Most of all, it requires a plan for using media as one means to achieve your company’s larger strategic vision.

LTPR develops and executes comprehensive media relations plans around major strategic announcements, long-term reputation management and important events.

We work from the ground up, helping define the public narrative your company wants told, as well as identify and craft the newsworthy stories that make that narrative come alive and advance business objectives.

Tap into our ongoing relationship with the media to tell your story to the widest audience possible.

Crisis Communications

Crises come in many forms and degrees of seriousness and often take law firms by surprise—security breaches, executive resignations, disgruntled former employees, customer complaints on social media, bad press, etc.  We work with clients across many industries to develop comprehensive crisis communication plans, train executives and key staff to communicate effectively during a crisis, and provide ongoing crisis management support as needed.

Social Media

When it comes to social media, companies typically fall somewhere between two categories: those who want to use it but have trouble getting started, and those who want to use it better. LTPR helps businesses at every stage of the social media life cycle. We develop comprehensive digital media plans and successfully launch platforms for organizations of varying sizes, as well as refine the online strategies of active companies. LTPR services include social media audits to evaluate the effectiveness of current efforts, strategic plans, content development, guidelines for employee behavior, and internal protocol for authentically engaging your public. Since rules governing corporate social media behavior continually change, one of our greatest values is keeping our clients informed of best and acceptable practices to ensure success. Let us help lead the charge in your next social media campaign.