#WordtotheWise: “Lay/Laid” vs. “Lie/Lay”

13 Sep #WordtotheWise: “Lay/Laid” vs. “Lie/Lay”

Word to the Wise

These are perhaps the most confused set of verbs, but it is really pretty simple. Use an object with the word “lay.” You must lay something somewhere. Or if you did it in the past, you laid it there. Lie means to recline. So you do not go “lay down,” you go “lie down.”  The past-tense of lie is lay, which is where the mix-ups enter.

Here’s an example to hopefully help:

Lay your mat on the floor and lie down on it.”

“Once you laid your mat, did you lay down and snack on Lays?”

Sorry, couldn’t help that last bit.

Jennifer Holzapfel-Hanson
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