Breach Prep Should Include Rehearsal

15 Aug Breach Prep Should Include Rehearsal

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With today’s headlines filled with reports of cyber attacks on everyone from the DNC to banks and credit unions, this article from the Credit Union Times is as relevant as ever.

Breach Prep Should Include Rehearsal

Casey Boggs, president of Portland-based public relations firm LT Public Relations, recommended credit unions conduct a crisis rehearsal rather than wait until a cyber attack occurs.

“Go through a dress rehearsal, go through the communication strategy and what you’re going to do,” Boggs said at the NASCUS/CUNA Credit Union Cyber Security Symposium on Friday.

Boggs, the former director of public relations at AIG, said credit unions need to be prepared before, during and after a data breach.

Typically, when LTPR is brought in to manage a crisis for an institution, Boggs said the existing communication strategy is very poor to say the least.

Steps a credit union should take in advance include improving its disaster recovery plan with communications support, developing a computer security incident response plan, establishing an emergency task force and identifying a spokesperson.

“Make sure you have someone who is able to communicate effectively during a crisis,” Boggs said.

He reminded credit unions that the spokesperson does not always have to grant interviews to the press during a crisis but can deliver statements via email or phone instead.

As soon as a breach occurs, Boggs said credit unions must notify regulatory agencies and their members immediately.

He suggested Twitter as a great tool for providing updates to members about the situation while Facebook is best for reputation management.

“Concise, unified messaging across all mediums,” Boggs said.

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