#WordtotheWise: Double Trouble

21 Jul #WordtotheWise: Double Trouble

Word to the Wise (1)I recently received an official government document about protecting my identity by securing my PIN Number; my personal identification number number. You know, the one I use at the automatic teller machine machine. When I lived in Indonesia I found the repetition of a word in the native language to be a fun way to turn a noun into an “-ing” action verb. Rain-rain mean it was actually coming down, and horse-horse is a fun name for a piggy-back ride. But since our grammar hasn’t evolved to a place where PIN-number means “typing it in” and SSN-number doesn’t imply drawing benefits from Social Security, acronyms can be better explained when necessary by stating the whole phrase rather than duplicating part of it.

Other common examples: ATM machine, PC computer, SUV vehicles, etc.

What are some ‘repeat’ offenders you’ve run across?


Jennifer Holzapfel-Hanson
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