#WordtotheWise: e.g. vs. i.e.

25 May  #WordtotheWise: e.g. vs. i.e.

Word to the Wise (1)Since these abbreviations are both Latin, let’s ensure we are not speaking Greek. The Latin phrase “id est,” means “that is,” and can be abbreviated “i.e.,” (not “t.i.”) to further explain something. The abbreviation of “exempli gratia,” meaning “for example” is useful when you want to provide a few examples of something, but not a complete list.

Here are a couple examples:

> In Portland, we often improve our belongings with specific, decorations; i.e., we put a bird on it.

> Portland has become synonymous with good food and drinks; e.g., Blue Star Donuts, Stumptown Coffee, Salt & Straw Ice Cream, etc.

Jennifer Holzapfel-Hanson
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