The Future of Healthcare: Now

07 Oct The Future of Healthcare: Now

PBJ EventMembers of the LTPR team and a few of our healthcare clients and friends recently attended the Portland Business Journal’s Healthcare of the Future forum. The forum, which was held at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland, featured national and regional healthcare experts discussing the delivery of healthcare in the future- an ever-changing topic.

The forum was split into three topics: delivery, technology and finance. Though all three categories differed in content and expertise, one theme remained the same: Patients’ expectations with their healthcare providers are continuously changing, and medical organizations need to constantly improve and evolve to stay relevant.

A few other notable points from the conference (in no particular order):

  • 80 percent of a person’s healthcare takes place outside of a medical facility. Meaning, it is a patient’s job to manage their own health. Providers need to educate, inform and engage with patients to make sure they have the proper tools in place to stay healthy.
  • The upcoming trend in healthcare? Personalized medicine, or “What matters to you?” as opposed to “What’s the matter with you?” Clinical systems need to keep in mind the patient’s well-being and their individual journey. What often works from a provider’s standpoint may not fit with what the patient is able to achieve due to their personal lifestyle and goals. “We need to design a system that supports what they want to achieve in their lives.”
  • The payers of healthcare and providers of healthcare will always butt heads on some level. To improve this, healthcare organizations need to create a partnership model with insurance providers, building better relationships with the payers.
  • Collaboration is huge— organizations should build a communications platform for medical teams that include the patient helps to ensure everyone knows what is going on/needed.
  • Healthcare payment systems need to reflect and keep pace with the changing medical landscape.

These are just a few of the many valuable points covered at the forum. It is apparent that the patient has more control than ever before, and relationship-building is increasingly important.

At LT Public Relations, we can help healthcare organizations achieve these relationship goals through a solid communications and strategy plan. Contact us today to take your clinic to the next level in 2016.

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Jessica Robnett
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