03 Jan LT Public Relations SUPER BOWL CHALLENGE IV


It’s that time of year again.  NFL playoffs start and the nation eagerly anticipates  Super Bowl 46 (or Super Bowl XLVI — for those of us who only know Roman numerals because of the big game).   Like every year, corporations spend an exorbitant amount of money to advertise during the Super Bowl.  And this year is no exception…NBC sold out Super Bowl advertising spots already.

Once again, LT Public Relations is issuing its yearly Super Bowl Challenge — our public relations firm‘s challenge to any company that chooses to frivolously spend nearly $4 million for one 30 second advertisement during Super Bowl XLVI (that’s nearly $130,000 a second!) to consider  investing that same money on a more cost-effective and more substantiating option…PUBLIC RELATIONS.

If the company spends that same $4 million on a whole year of public relations, we guarantee the company will yield significantly more positive buzz about its product, service, or overall brand than that one $4 million Super Bowl commercial.   What’s more, we challenge the gutsy company to cut its Super Bowl ad in half ($2 million) or a quarter ($1 million), and LT Public Relations’ efforts will still outperform the costly Super Bowl ad in terms of positive impact and ROI.

Give us 12 months and we will SHOCK and AWE our way into the company’s target audience’s hearts.  Just as important, we will clearly measure the impact of our PR efforts and the resources spent to achieve the marketing/business objectives set forth. . . and will successfully deliver on the goods.

Up for the challenge? Contact us @, #LTPR or 503-477-9215.

SIDE NOTE: We do applaud the yearly Doritos Super Bowl Commercials (Crash the Super Bowl campaign) and the grass roots efforts to get their customers involved.

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