The LT Public Relations Namesake (Work Life Balance)

01 Sep The LT Public Relations Namesake (Work Life Balance)

Over the past few years, LT Public Relations has become a respected and valued communications firm for many financial and professional services organizations–and we’re thrilled to be partners to some of the country’s top banks, credit unions, law firms and investment advisory firms.

Our job is to tell the stories (i.e. we’re story tellers) of the clients we serve–and we take great pride in accomplishing this endeavor.  However, we rarely tell our own firm’s story.  So over the next few months, the LT Public Relations team will share a bit more (for whoever cares) of our personal/professional stories, who we are, what we read (business and otherwise) and some humorous anecdotes .

One LT PR story that has not officially been told–yet we’re surprised that it’s rarely asked–is “what does the L.T. stand for?”

The short answer is “Luke” and “Tabor”…the name of my (Casey Boggs) children.

As the founder and president of LT Public Relations, I originally wanted a fitting name for the firm that would best epitomize our services, culture and the value we offer our clients…while underscoring to the staff to always remember what’s most important in life.  Now that’s a tall order and lot to expect in a company name.

During the time the firm was forming (2007), my wife was pregnant with twins–our first (and likely only) children.  As this was a significantly new chapter in my life (fatherhood and entrepreneurship), it was also a time to make some changes.  You see, prior to forming LT PR, I was working approximately 11-13 hour days (many times more–and over the weekends) as the director of public relations at AIG, and previously at two of the world’s largest PR firms, Waggener Edstrom and Weber Shandwick.

With children on the way, I knew I would not be able to sustain this workload and be a great father, husband, son, brother, friend, business owner and partner to the firm’s clients.  Something had to give.

There needed to be a daily reminder and inspiration that working these ungodly hours is not healthy…and not living.  So the confluence of entrepreneurship and fatherhood produced the name LT Public Relations…a constant reminder of “work life balance.”

This name, however, was never intended to be some sort of nepotism for my children.  Rather, the namesake is intended for everyone associated with the firm (e.g. owner, staff, advisory board, clients, subcontractors, etc.) that LT Public Relations represents impeccable communications support, with the pursuit of achieving a work/life balance.

The intention is for all involved with LT Public Relations to get home to whatever their “LT” is…be it their kids, significant other, religion, hobbies, passions, etc.

Because in the end…that’s all that matters.

Now, I must finish this blog post and today’s work to get home to my kids!

  • Laurel Hamilton
    Posted at 14:20h, 10 September

    That’s a brilliant story, Casey, and I’m convinced that much of your success has come from your decision to focus on balance!