Bloggin’ — You know you need it!

30 May Bloggin’ — You know you need it!

Blogging has finally reached the mainstream. Our parents even know what it is now. After 4+ years of the blogosphere (who’s been doing the PR for bloggers, anyway?), everyone understands the fundamentals . . . but most companies just aren’t doing it.

We’ve been touting this week’s BusinessWeek article by Stephen Baker and Heather Green, “Beyond Blogs” to all our peeps in both the public relations and social media community. Here at LT Public Relations we’re attempting to educate our clients on the importance of blogs for their business.

So we’re practicing what we preach, and more thoroughly educating ourselves on the dynamics of blogging. Yesterday, we met with a brilliant blog pioneer, Janet Johnson of O’ Johnson Partners, to give us additional insights into the blogospher and how it might relate to our clients and public relations.

We concluded that the public relations profession is quite possibly the #1 industry most affected by blogging. As most of us know, blogs now play a HUGE role in how we communicate our client’s news–through our word choice in news releases, our media outreach and journalistic style (just to name a few).

Our “ah ha” moment came yesterday during our meeting with Janet when we realized that blogs “humanize” our clients and their companies. Beyond just sending out stodgy news releases with marketing information, a company’s blog provides that human factor that prospective customers may look to when deciding to do business with our clients. We’re going to explore this discussion more in the coming weeks as we blog, but there’s more we must do to counsel our clients on this nascent communications tool.

Until then . . . keep on bloggin’!

  • Janet Johnson
    Posted at 07:28h, 31 May

    Thanks for the props – it’s always fun to talk about one of my favorite subjects with people who “get it,” as you obviously do.

    Blogs are good for humanizing an organization, as they’re very good for giving people a glimpse into the people, processes and tools folks use to bring products and services to life.

    They’re also good for creating thought leadership, helping consumers connect with brands more effectively, and (in doing so) building a community online.

    It’s a pretty cool communications space we live in today, when millions of voices have the opportunity to be heard. And those of us who prefer to listen have millions of minds and hearts to learn from.

    And that’s certainly good for business, AND humanity, isn’t it?